Sunday, January 15, 2012

9 Tips to Prevent Acne

Acne is very annoying for someone appearance, particularly for children who just puberty. For children who just puberty, it feel so difference. Especially if the child is added by pollution, stress and genetic factors.

Below Are Some Tips From 4acnetreatment For You :

1. Washing Your Face At Least Two Times a Day

The first tips to remove acne is by washing your face at least 2 times a day. Washing your face at least two times a day will help remove the oil on the surface of our skin. If its cleaned rarely, then the acne-causing bacteria will thrive in our faces. But remember, do not wash face excessively, because it will increase the oil sobaceous production which can cause skin problems on the face. Wash your face with a mild soap.

2. Customize Your Cosmetics With Your Skin Type

If your skin is oily then use cosmetics for oily skin. If you choose the wrong product, acne may get worse. So be careful in choosing cosmetics.

3. As Much as Possible Avoid Oily Cosmetics.

Our face naturally produce oil, even though dry skin. So as much as possible to avoid excessive use of cosmetics because oil and dust will be the media that causes acne bacteria to settle on our faces.

4. Dry Your Face With a Clean Towel

After washing your face or shower, don't forget to dry your face with a clean towel softly, because the bacteria like moist and warm place.

5. Drinking Water

Nearly 70% of our skin consists of water, with drinking water at least 2 liters a day, then our skin will always fit and healthy.

6. Use a Skin Moisturizer

Using a moisturizer will help to nourish our skin, especially from dry skin. But remember, not choose oily moisturizer.

7. Always Make Sure Your Skin is Clean Before Bed.

Always wash your face before bed to regenerate the skin well.

8. Frequently Eat Vegetables and Fruits.

Vegetables contains many vitamins that nourish our skin. Eat that vegetables and fruits frequently, especially those containing vitamin E. With a healthy skin, then acne would be difficult to grow and develop.

9. Enough Sleep And Regular

The skin also need a break. When we sleep, the skin will regenerate and remove the poison from your body, so after you will get a fresh skin after wake up.

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